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Microfiber Pads - Set of 2
Microfiber Pads - Set of 2
Microfiber Pads - Set of 2
Microfiber Pads - Set of 2

Microfiber Pads - Set of 2

Transform your daily face-cleansing routine with our Microfiber Cleansing Pads. Use with water or cleanser, for efficient removal of make-up, dirt and grime, and exfoliation. Made from super soft microfiber, these reusable pads are an eco-friendly alternative that is much more gentle on your skin. No harsh scrubbing needed, and they’re suitable for all skin types!

Gentle on all skin types: Ultra-soft microfiber is gentle and suitable for all skin types.

Effortless routine: Expertly designed for effortless cleansing, exfoliation, and makeup removal.

Cleanser optional: Can be used with water or your favourite cleanser.

Sustainable choice: Reusable and eco-friendly.

Gentle Exfoliation
Our Microfiber Pads are designed to be gentle on your skin, while still delivering a subtle exfoliation to remove dead skin cells.

Easy to Use
Incorporating our Microfiber Pads into your beauty routine is a breeze. They can be used with or without water for fast and effective make-up, grime and dirt removal. They’re also machine washable, making it super easy to take care of them.

An Eco-Friendly Routine
Take a stand against single-use products with our reusable Microfiber Pads. Plus, at the end of their life, they can be recycled! You can feel good about choosing a product that is gentler on your skin and the environment.

Before using the Microfiber Cleansing Pads for the first time, ensure you wash the pads and laundry bag. For regular care, hand-wash the pads with warm water and mild detergent or machine wash in the in the laundry bag provided on a gentle cycle to keep them fresh and long-lasting. Air dry to retain the microfiber's plushness, and avoid fabric softener and bleach to maintain its absorbency.
Remember to replace the pads every 3-6 months for optimal performance.

Incorporate these Microfiber Cleansing Pads into your daily beauty routine for a sustainable path to clean and radiant skin.

Incorporate the Microfiber Pads into both your morning and evening skincare and beauty routines.